An Essay On "Gun Control And Extremism

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During the academic career of the student, the students have to write lots of academic papers but the most common form of the academic paper is an essay. An essay is a short piece of writing and it reflects the original views and ideas of the students about a particular subject. To write an essay, it is necessary for the students to select an interesting topic, to conduct effective research and to create unique and original content. Here, experts of essay writing services will provide an example of an essay on ‘gun control and extremism’.

Literally, the quality of being extreme is known as extremism. If a person advocates extreme views and measures, this is also known as extremism. This term is used in a religious, economic or political sense. To be pejorative is also known as extremism. Extremism is a hard phenomenon and it is also hard for us to understand the complexity of extremism. Nowadays, guns are very common weapons in societies and these guns are also creating some causes of extremism. We should take some bold steps to control guns and extremism.

There are many facts to control guns in society. First of all, we should follow the Gun Control Act of 1968. According to this act, for the shoot of a gun, the minimum age of a citizen should be at least 18 years. Secondly, there should be some restrictions in the purchasing and processing the firearms. There should be some federal laws to purchase guns to those persons who are committed in some illegal activities. The people who are included in the harassment should not be allowed to buy or sell the guns. Before carrying gums or other arms into the public places, it is necessary for a person to regulate these guns or arms from the government.

The government should also enforce some laws against the selling of guns and arms. Before selling the guns or arms, it is necessary for a person to get permission to form the federal government. Moreover, the age of a person should be at least 21 years. While selling the guns, the sellers should also try to register these guns on the name of that person. The persons who are selling guns and arms online should also follow these rules and regulations. While purchasing a gun or other arm, it is also necessary for the gun seller to take an overview of his background.

There are also some states that require a permit to purchase guns and other arms for government employees. We can also control extremism in society by adopting the unstable political environment in the fragile contexts, by understanding tradeoffs by keeping in mind the long-term governance objectives, by encouraging the host government to support the reforms by sharing the costs and by replicating the success without further destabilizing the environment. To sum up, we can say that it is not hard for us to control the gun and extremism from society. We just need to prepare and follow some federal rules against extremism and illegal use of guns.

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