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What is endpoint security for business? Posted 1 month ago

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1 month ago - What is endpoint security for business?
Endpoint Security is the process of protecting various endpoints on a network, often called end user devices such as mobile devices, laptops and desktop PCs. However, hardware like servers in a data center is also considered an endpoint. Precise definitions vary among security leaders, but especially endpoint security for business addresses the risks presented by devices connected to a corporate network.

ENDPOINT's confidentiality is very significant
Any means like a smartphone, tablet or laptop provides an access point for a threat.Endpoint Security aims to adequately protect all terminals connected to the network to block access attempts and other dangerous activities at these access points.As more and more companies adopt practices such as BYOD (Bring Your Device) and remote / mobile employees, the security perimeter of the corporate network has essentially melted away.

The need for effective terminal secu

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