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I didn't have much to go on Madden 21 coins Posted 1 month ago


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1 month ago - You always ignore the simple fact that they are banning bots. Their response is indeed ineffective, not disputing that BUT comparing blizzard servers with pservers just isn't realistic.

Pservers had 15k online in precisely the same time. I'd say that rivals individual Classic servers. Every one of those Classic servers includes a participant base where every individual pays every month.

Just from Classic subscriptions alone, Blizzard could not be considered a little firm. I don't think you quite comprehend how much of the botting issue just boils down to utter neglect from Blizzard.You make it seem like it is going to take a group of 30 rocket engineers to prohibit one botter while, in reality, it's actually quite a simple job for one person to do.

Literally all it takes is 1 or 2 people to oversee a few servers and the botting problem is in check. I'm sure you could handle all of NA and EU servers with less than 20 people total.Yes they could, and I am tired of all these Blizzard apologetics stating"well you have to undertand this blablabla". No. Classic is insanely profitable and botting is destroying the game. It is not too costly to employ a couple of people to fix this problem.

Blizzard gave us the match we want, the player base however has totally ed this up though.I know of numerous people on welfare that buy gold even though they have the time to farm whatever they may need.

What am I thinking, people who purchase gold are so cool and cool. I should go out and purchase fake money for real money.
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1 month ago - Oh so this is following gen. I've both. Just next gen doesn't have a massive player base right now. I totally get it for next gen. Initially. If it gets enough help to start a present gen league I shall reconsider rule 4 as those builds are marginally more balanced.

Well we're down. My group plays that way anyhow so we wont need to change anything. We just have a bit different comp setup for present gen but we perform regular.

You can't just restrict people about the best way best to play the sport, this league is likely to fail. Playing the game is instinctual, you do moves and play without giving much consideration to a few of your actions. What exactly are you gonna do if folks don't run much plays or curry slip a couple times?

Kick them out the league?

Id rather play with someone who's crap in the game than with someone who's good and is a dribble god/ chuck up 3s.

If the video game allows it how do you apply someone not doing this? Thats been the issue.

It's a personal league so that you simply stick to the rules. A lot of private leagues make it where a few badges are prohibited from usage like Heart Crusher. Individuals just stick to the rules.

Just how are you going to enforce something once the game still allows it. The consumer can physically stand in the corner. Another user can still place screens on very top. And another user can still do a curry slip. It is not like their controller will not physically let them do it.
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3 months ago - I despise them to the unethical way that they make money via the franchise. They invest basically nothing into the show except graphical and intermittent physics improvements.

I don't hate them for printing money via the madden installments.

I really like football and madden but about 2017 I needed to stop because I simply could not justify buying a new installment.

EA's solution was not to try harder, work to produce a better match, lower their pricing (NFL 2k5 was 19.95 at Christmas compared to Madden's $49.95), etc, it had been to remove the competition.

I can not stand EA to this day due to that bs. Nevertheless, the covetous NFL deserves a share of the responsibility for the 2K football series demise by agreeing to exclusive video game licensure.

Imo that the nfl deserves All of the blame giving exclusive rights they essentially doomed the market by removing competition The core gameplay of those games (or at least 2k, have not played madden in years) is actually pretty great, which is why it's bullshit that everything else is really cheap and low-effort This is the reason I'd love a game that's basically a madden or 2k clone only with no licensed stuff without a p2w or unnecessary grinding.

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3 months ago - None of those things you collect now will mean anything at a year from now, or even sooner than that. I have a position 14 Rogue I spent hundreds of hours building to gold wow classic make it strong, but now new gamers are able to catch me up much less time than that. And the one thing I really have going for me is my fat lender. But even that'll get invalidated sooner than later.

All I perform is wow classic gold Hardcore mode. Go to wow classic for servers and rules . Give it a try, what do you need to lose, your already bored, and you'll probably discover what everyone who tries it does. .

Honestly, the best aspect of this game to me is doing absurd things together with your char and abusing particular things to make it feasible. Plenty of new games either patch out'overpowered' things or are so tuned it isnt possible. Then, swapped to doing lashers + full DME solo and when I got bored of that travelled back to nimble Azshara farming.Man it flew by. Your comment is actually making it sink in for me.

It's such a strange feeling that unlike any other video games, going back and replaying"the great old days" is not always possible. I am glad we have the chance with wow classic gold.

Assuming the rumors of TBC wow classic gold in May, wow classic gold will have had a 21 month lifespan, which is only 5 less than the initial run of Vanilla.

Vanilla also felt'longer' than wow classic gold as it had evolutions inside the match via spots while wow classic gold was in stages.

The small changes added up in vanilla making things feel more lively.

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3 months ago - Make it even more exciting! You compete with Madden nfl 21 coins teams together with the points system depending on your supply into the participant however about: Your teams market can play a huge part in signing someone. Depending on the player. Injured players will be more economical and sign smaller deals or even just a minimum to establish themselves.

They seem goofy and pretty much like one another. Edit: Added a few more and it is mostly off the top of my mind and what my buddies and I have talked about.

So much. Also if they only worked on uniforms (create them go slightly independent of the participant, flap in wind, so that they feel like clothing hanging off of a player and not a uniform paint job on a model). . Think hair physics however with outfits.

And get rid of role specific upgrades, let me spend points on whatever I'd like. Occasionally I want to upgrade the harm score so when I'm reckless with my QB he won't get hurt yes. Another example is with WRs. You cannot enhance their running attributes (juke, spin, elusiveness, etc) even though running is a massive part of playing the position.

I will be honest with you, I mostly upgrade my players manually since the machine set up is dumb as hell.

I find no real problem with this in an offline league. Could you in theory change a wr into rb and apply the update points such as that and switch them back?

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