What is a computer engineering degree?

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What is a computer engineering degree?

What is computer technology?

Computer technology combines electrical engineering and computer science to focus on the design and implementation of computer systems (logic devices and software). He is usually part of a university's technical department and needs a strong background in mathematics. Read on to find out what computer engineering students study and where to work. Schools that offer computer engineering degree can be found in these popular options.


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Computer technology includes designing computer systems (hardware and software) and related devices. It uses the techniques and principles of electrical engineering and computer science, but also covers areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, computer networks, computer architecture and operating systems. The electrotechnical aspect of the topic includes the design of application tools, interface hardware, memorabilia, and computer blades. The IT part includes software development, programming, operating systems, algorithms and data structures.


The work of a computer engineer spans the entire computer system, and a computer engineer must be familiar with hardware and software. Computer technology results are seen in almost all areas of life. Computer engineers work in many areas, including:


Embedded systems

An essential aspect of computer technology are embedded systems, namely computer software and hardware, which were developed for a specific machine. For example, digital alarm systems, video recorders and audio players as well as mobile phones are products of computer technology in the area of ​​embedded systems. Most software design involves the device interface with another device or user.



In computer technology, networks are set up, both WAN (Wide Area Networks) and LAN (Local Area Networks). Other areas in which a computer engineer can work include mobile and wireless technology, telephone communication and integrated services.



Multimedia information is processed in this area. Computer engineering deals with multimedia library and database support as well as information retrieval.


VLSI systems

This area covers broad scale integration (VLSI) of systems and circuits. The field of VLSI systems is constantly changing.



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